therapist: so your mother tells me you have trust issues, why is that?
me: zayn is engaged

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Sorry i’m latte by foraziamyday (ao3)

  • Pairing: Liam/Zayn
  • Word count: 20k
  • Chapters: 8 (Still in progress)
  • Rating: Explicit


"I see you uhhh… found something to paint" Liam murmured quietly.

Zayn gulped as he looked up at the painting hanging proudly in front of them both. His brain fumbled around as he tried to find any way out of this devastating hole he was in. He could only manage a quiet “yep”.

“It’s a bit of a shock…” Liam choked out; eyes jerking around the room and Zayn thought he looked a bit like a cornered animal.

Or, the one where Zayn can’t paint anything until he can.

twisting to the sun and the moon by jmcats (ao3)

  • Pairing: Liam/Zayn
  • Word count: 37.2k
  • Rating: Explicit


And this boy is just a fuck, right?
Just a distraction, an excuse to focus on anything but the world hanging over his head.
He’s just a smooth, pliant body between cold sheets under a galaxy of stars and this endless pressure that Liam keeps avoiding. Or this little ache under his skin from a heartbreak he can’t quite forget.

(re: Liam has three simple, non-negotiable rules when it comes to one-offs. And he doesn’t ever fall for someone he associates with hotel sheets and lust. But this kid, Zayn, twists things inside of him he’s not expecting. Suddenly, the rules don’t make any sense at all.)

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bye, it was nice to know you

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my wifi hates me. its a fact! im trying to watch teen wolf but i have to stop the episode every 5 minutes bc my wifi is being a bitch and it won’t load it quickly >:( 

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im reposting cuz its selfie day today

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 (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Before ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’ in Madrid - 10/7

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